About Support Lanka

Creating a Difference across the Distance
Support Lanka is a non-profit organization created by a group of highly motivated Sri Lankan expats currently residing in Minnesota, US. Using their resources, they have volunteered to bridge distance, encouraging other capable Sri Lankans to join us in our mission to support Sri Lanka through sincere and humane efforts.

The organization was conceived with an objective to create one place where those in need in Sri Lanka and those who want to offer them help can be connected each other.

Creating Difference One Step at a Time
Support Lanka is an organization in its infancy but we believe in creating a huge difference through small endeavors. You don’t have to be a millionaire to become a part of the greater good; you just need one kind heart and the will to touch someone’s life in a way that brings hope and happiness to it.

Using the Support Lanka platform, you can donate the items you don’t require anymore. Someone somewhere might truly need the item. We take almost all kinds of items including wheelchairs for the disabled or course books for students in Sri Lankan colleges who are unable to afford them.

If you have anything that you think can be of a better use to anyone else in Sri Lanka, you can simply post on our website along with the details and pictures.

Catering to Those Who Need Help
Support Lanka is designed to serve as a two-way portal between the people who need support and those who are willing to lend a helping hand. If you are in Sri Lanka and need an item that is beyond your buying power, you can post a request on our website.

Support Lanka will broadcast your call for help to thousands of well-off Sri Lankans, living in or out of Sri Lanka. Wheel chair, walkers, course books – Support Lanka aims to cater all kinds of legitimate requests.

Join Support Lanka to work together towards a stronger and self-sufficient Sri Lanka where integrity and humanity can prosper through our mutual efforts.

Contact us and learn more about how you can Support Lanka through our website.

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